Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 3

We had quite a bit of driving today; most of it was through the southern part of Montana, though we crossed through a bit of Wyoming, and back into Wyoming at the end.  The weather was glorious, warm yet not hot, sunny with blue skies.  We drove for hours and hours on a lonely, open road seeing lots of scrub brush, miles of fencing, cows, sheep, horses, and once in awhile, a house or ranch.  We stopped at a very small post office in the middle of nowhere to mail our postcards.  We continued to enjoy driving 80 mph (as that was the speed limit quite often).  However, when you travel several hundred miles on the same road it seems to go on forever no matter what speed you go.  We saw some interesting sights along that long Montana road once in while though.  We saw quite a few gazelle, very interesting rock formations, watering holes,  huge cattle scowling at us, weathered old dwellings, and some new houses as well.  The entire day we drove up and down, but mostly up gradual inclines.  Eventually we sighted snow covered mountain peaks in the distance.  (That was an exciting moment amongst a very dull extensive amount of driving!)  We saw some rivers along our journey; the last river we saw when we reached Yellowstone.  It was a wide and beautiful river running along the road for quite a ways. Right now we are camping in the mountains, in a Yellowstone campground.  All around us are high peaks covered in pine trees. Many of the trees seem to have died for some reason.  We set up a tent, and heated fajitas for supper. Soon it will be dark, we shall sleep, and awake tomorrow ready to explore this ginormous national park.

A tiny post office literally in the middle of nowhere!

Best part of the trip so far was seeing the mountains,
high and beautiful, with snow-capped peaks.

I was convinced I needed minerals...
This water tasted delicious though!


  1. Where in Yellowstone are you camping? When I was out there almost 3 years ago we could see how the park was still recovering from a giant fire in 1988. We mostly noticed it in the Old Faithful area.
    Did you come in by the Beartooth Mountain highway from Red Lodge, MT? It's a beautiful drive.
    --Laura M.

  2. We camped in Madison about 16miles from Old Faithful. We came in the west entrance. Though we drove around inside the park A LOT.