Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15

Today was a leisurly day; we slept in, ate breakfast, and left then Lauren's Uncle took us on a tour to see the mountains.  We saw Bridal Falls, and put our feet in the frigid pool of water at the bottom.  The water fell almost softly down the side of rock for a long way, hit the ground, and then splashed down a hill of stones into a small pool.  We then drove over to Sundance, where we were going to take the chair lift up the mountain.  However, Sundance apparently has the sixth longest zipline in the world...of course, this was something that needed to be done.  But, we were wearing flip flops (I hate shoes), and you have to be wearing close toed shoes.  So we drove back to the house, ate Subway, got shoes, and went back.  However, a thunderstorm appeared while we were gone, and the lift and ziplining were closed for the day.  This was very sad.  Lauren was very convinced we still needed to do this insane activity, so we are just leaving later tomorrow instead of right away...

I'm a little nervous about being up so high (again!) but I think it will be interesting to zipline so far.  We will be going 3,871 feet. Seems kind of scary, but I guess worth a try.

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