Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1

The sun was barely glowing orange through the curtains; everyone was asleep. 5 am and our alarms went off. Time to get up and leave!
We quickly got ready, ate breakfast, and packed the few last minute items. We were off! It was chilly and wet, but a beautiful morning. Lauren drove; I napped for a few hours. Up north through the pine forests, over the Missisippi we drove. Then west all the way through Minnesota. We stopped for gas a few times, and also in Blue Earth to see the 60 foot Green Giant. We then drove further west into South Dakota, where the speed limit is 80! That was great! Later we saw the world' s only Corn Palace in Mitchell. Culver's provided us a delicious dinner, and then we were back on the road.
Eventually the road started having slight inclines, and there were rolling hills all around us. There were cows, horses, occasional houses, a few dirt roads (we were on the interstate), and towns that were small, and few. [At this point I called and booked a hotel about 2 hours down the road.] We continuted on through the badlands til the hills were getting larger and steeper. We could see a thunderstorm in the distance, and smell the rain coming. We heard flash flood warnings on the radio, but couldn't stop. We made it to our hotel just as it started to pour!
Over 15 hours we drove more than 800 miles on I-90, saw quite a lot of interesting sights, spent a LONG time in the car, and are ready for tomorrow's adventures!

This was the most traffic we saw all day
The corn pictures were pretty neat.

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