Saturday, June 13, 2015

Today started with quite an adventure.  After waking up and having breakfast at 4am, we headed down to the beach and arrived just after 5 when the morning light was just showing in the sky.  We had flashlights, and walked down to the tide pools again.  Because of the cliffs, it was quite a long walk from the car. What a grand adventure!  Lowest tide was at 4am, and the water was still out pretty far when we arrived. We saw three large starfish, and three small ones, lots and lots of sea anemones, mussels, shrimp, and other critters I can't identify.  We stayed on the beach for about two hours; what a lovely experience to see the sun peek over the mountains and trees, and shine on the waves.
We left Crescent City, California about 8:30 and drove for hours and hours.  Through redwoods for a little, up and down mountains, back and forth on curves, then miles and miles of the high dessert.  What a insane sight to see.  So much nothingness.  So odd.  We listened to an audio book most of the way, which kept me happily entertained.
More driving tomorrow!

This is what was above the beach.

The dessert is a strange place. 

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