Monday, August 20, 2012

Well, I pretty much took this picture just to prove to myself that I can, in fact, take a beautiful photo of food.  I've done it before, and I am sure I'll do it again, but I was just feeling like I didn't put any energy or time into my photo of the day.  They were rushed and turning out dark, grainy, flashed, etc.  Well, lighting is key...mid morning gives such glorious light.  So, I took a bunch of pictures of the cake, and they turned out well.  I had fun styling it, and fussing with it, and standing on the counter top to take this picture... 
Now, about the siblings had fair judging last week.  Tuesday was food judging.  Which means Monday was food making day.  All day, lots of food.  Well due to various events, dear Paige, had to make THREE batches of this cake in order to get one 'just right' for the fair.  Of course, no one expects cakes to be PERFECT, but they can't be too small, or stick to the pan and fall half apart...well not if you want to win a blue ribbon!  (If you just want to eat it-not a problem!)  Needless to say, we had lots of chocolate chip pound cake with caramel frosting! yummm  I was happy....

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Christine's Converse

Christine's Converse
Well I've been gone all summer, and as you can see, haven't gotten any more photos of the day posted.  I don't think I will be able to get them all posted, in order so I decided on a plan B.  I am going to pick out my favorites, and post them. :)
I'm still taking pictures, but not very much time is being spent on photography currently, as I am very busy with camp.  The summer is officially over at camp, but retreat season has started, and is keeping us on our toes.
Here is one of my favorite photos of the summer.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 15

A trip to the Amish scratch n dent store. Rural WI at its best, winter.

Day 14

Big one. Little one.
Old one. New one.

Day 13

New cupboards in camp's kitchen. :D

Day 12

SNOW!!! Finally its here!
[And today I found out I sold my first picture :]

Day 11

I saw this idea online. I HAD to try it. Plant cuttings in a fish tank filter sponge, and put it in the filter. The plant will eat the waste (nitrates) of the fish and put oxygen in the water. Nitrates are plant fertilizer so the plant should like it. If this works, it'll be a win win! 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 10

Light in almost any form fascinates me. Bokeh from two Coke bottles in our kitchen window captures light in a unique way.

Day 9

Christine and I spent the day in Madison. It was great weather and a splendid time! 

Day 8

Lauren, Paige, Emily and I walked around downtown enjoying the beautiful weather. 

Day 7

Lillian is such a cutie.

Day 6

Lauren was visiting this weekend and took a picture for me. 

Day 5

I love seeing the moon against a blue sky.