Welcome to Daisy Belle Photography's site!  Enjoy browsing pictures, find my contact info, become a follower, or learn more about me!  My photos are all watermarked with Daisy B.  Most have the Daisy B. in the bottom right hand corner, but some are the exception, and the Daisy B. might be placed elsewhere depending on the individual photo.  In some cases the Daisy B. is very prominent, and in other cases the Daisy B. is very hidden.  Each photo is different!

My name is not Daisy Belle, so you might be wondering how I came about using Daisy Belle Photography as my business name.  Daisy Belle Cain was my great-great grandmother born in 1881.  I never knew her, but I have learned about her through studying my family tree. Photos are a great way to capture memories for generations to come, so using her name seemed very fitting.  It also sounded like a good name for a photography business, and Daisy B. works well as a watermark so the name was created!

I do take event photos, and random other photos of people-my family and friends, and events important in my life.  If you are interested in having Senior photos, or event photos taken you can contact me; my info is located on the 'contact' page.