Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Today was definately a foodie day; a chill day too.  We spent the morning at the house doing laundry, and re-packing the car. We went just down the road to get Lavender lattes at a local coffee shop called Symposium. The lavender latte was quite an abnormal treat but very delicious.
We watched a movie, finished our laundry, had lunch.  Late afternoon we headed to downtown Portland with Lauren's uncle and cousins.  We first stopped at the MOST ginormous bookstore I have ever visited. It was three stories of books galore! Rooms upon rooms filled with books-small books, large books, old books, new books-any type of book one could want would be there!
Just outside I saw an old Volkswagon beetle that was purple.
Lavender Latte
After leaving the bookstore we walked over to a Thai restaraunt where we had supper. I tried a soup with chicken, peppers, pumpkin, curry, holy basil, curry, and coconut milk.  It was okay-not the best, not the worst. I had fun taking photos of the food!
We were offered a ride by the Thai restaurant guy who owned a brand new tuktuk.  He explained to us he gave customers free rides back to their car in his tuktuk. He gave us an extended ride back to the car with music blaring, and people staring.  The experience was unique, and it was fun.
We drove a few streets over for homemade ice cream at Salt N Straw.  This is such a popular shop we had to wait in line for quite awhile!  I tried many random flavors of ice cream including honey and lavender, goat cheese with lingonberry, Arbequina olive oil, and freckled woodblock chocolate!  Eventually I decided on a walffle cone with half a scoop of Stumpside coffee & Burnside bourbun and half a scoop of sea salt with caramel ribbons.
Tomorrow is the day we head out.  Time for morreeee driving!

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