Friday, June 12, 2015

June 12

We first went to a redwood forest.  What an amazing experience.  The trees are magnificent.  So much beauty, and life.  The largest are hundreds of years old, and probably more thant 20 feet in diameter. Lauren and I both took lots of photos, and enjoyed several hours there.
We then drove back to the coast to tour Battery Point Lighthouse.  It can only be reached during low tide as you must walk across a path of rocks to get to a small island.  This small lighthouse has been lived in, and operated since before the Civil war.
While the tide was still out we quickly went over to Endert's beach to look for some tide pools.  We had to walk along the beach quite aways before finding them, so the tide was coming back quickly.  We did find several, and I think seeing them was probably one of the best parts of our trip so far.  I love small aquatic creatures, and there were many.  I didn't see any fish, but I did see lots of small mussels, anemones, snails, seaweed, and even one small starfish!
We left when the tide was covering the rocks, and headed back into town.  Next visit was a small aquarium where we watched sea lions, and seals do tricks, pet more anemones, starfish, and sharks, and saw a few fish.
That was quite a few adventures for today!  I loved it, and tomorrow is goodbye to the ocean.

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