Friday, June 5, 2015

June 5

Today we left Yellowstone, and drove about 7 hours. Tonight we are staying at the top of Idaho.  After we arrived we set up our tent to let it dry. (It had rained last night. Though I tried to dry it with a towel, it remained quite wet.)
It dried quite nicely in the warm sunshine. 
For dinner we headed downtown by the lake. Not sure what we wanted, we walked up and down several restaurant-lined streets searching for just the right place.  We settled on an authentic Mexican restaurant,  which was delicious!
We tried to find donuts, because today is a day related to donuts in some way. Our search was rather unfruitful because it was late in the day. We found a small, locally owned donut shop but it was closed.  Perhaps we will stop there tomorrow.  Better late than never?

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