Thursday, June 11, 2015

June 11

Time in Portland was up.  We drove down to a small town at the top of California where we are staying for a day and two nights.  We took a highway that ran along the coast so it was a beautiful drive.  
Not long after leaving we decided to stop at a drive through espresso bar-these are literally all over around here.  I had to get out of the car because my car is not high enough for the window.  We continued driving for awhile, and stopped in a small town for some souvenier shopping.  Once we stopped at a beach; that was a baaddd idea.  The wind was extremely strong, blowing sand was stinging us, and it was cold!  Not a pleasant beach at all!  Apparently that area was expecting up to 75mph winds. We continued on stopping for lunch, and to take photos one time.  The trip was long; so much driving.  Close to 7 hours of driving though. (I am VERY tired of driving.  The trouble is...we are about 40 hours from home. So, we shall continue!)  We were finally close to our destination, crossing the border into California, when we were stopped for a border check! The sign told us it was an agricultural border check.  I didn't know those even existed in the US...however, I learned today they do.  I was asked if I had any produce in my car.  I had spinach and cherries.  Spinach was fine; cherries were not.  The guy told me I could pull over and eat the cherries, but he needed the pits back!  So, I pulled over and ate a bunch of cherries, and gave him the rest of the cherries, and my stems and pits.  The entire thing was crazy.  We continued on our way without the cherries, and made it to our destination.  We had sourdough pizza for supper, then I wanted to watch the sunset on the beach.  Well, that was not a nice option.  We headed to the beach but it was still VERY windy.  We had on jeans, hoodies, and our light winter jackets.  The wind was so strong it felt like it was pushing me around.  I picked up some shells, and a small jellyfish with blue edges.  That was very interesting to hold. We left, and drove to another location to take a few more photos of the sunset.  Watching the sun set over the Pacific was not the experience I imagined...That's for sure!  The coast is very untamed, and wild.  Beautiful and magnificent.


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