Tuesday, December 15, 2015

San Diego Adventure

Monday morning we got up early, and picked up a rental car at 7 am.  We then hit the road headed to California.  Driving through the desert took several hours.  Miles and miles of sand, scrub brush and cacti.  When we drove into California we went through a border check but actually didn't have to stop.  (I think it was a check for produce and plants.)  A little while later we had another checkpoint, this time it was for drugs. There was a dog and all. We didn't have to stop for that one either.  We drove through mountains for quite some time, and then arrived at San Diego.   When we arrived headed to Chula Vista, where we found our hotel, and then headed to the beach. The beach we went to was at Point Loma. Cabrillo National Monument is located there. The ocean was beautiful; the view of the San Diego skyline was also amazing. We toured a lighthouse that was furnished with antiques, and no longer in service. The ocean was very rocky, and lined with small cliffs.  It was cold, so we opted against climbing down. The view was gorgeous though.  We took several photos of the sun setting on the city. We then headed back to Chula Vista; we hit some rush hour traffic-not my favorite to be sure.  We arrived safely though, and checked into our hotel, then ordered and picked up some supper.  I had chicken enchiladas from a delicious Mexican restaurant just a few blocks away. A long but good day full of adventures.
I will post about Tuesday in the next post..

I love seeing all the cacti everywhere!

The view from the lighthouse front door

San Diego skyline during golden hour was stunning.

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