Sunday, December 20, 2015

Oldtown San Diego

Well I have been home since Thursday, but its been a busy few days.  I still wanted to post about the rest of our trip though, especially the part when we went to Oldtown San Diego.
Tuesday morning we woke up and had breakfast at the hotel. After we check out, we headed towards Oldtown. Emily really wanted to drop in at a local Crossfit, so we dropped her off so she could do a class. While she worked out, Carolyn and I went to Oldtown.  Its a beautiful part of San Diego; it is quiet, and pretty with lots of Mexican flair. We went to a shop to get some souveneirs, walked around enjoying the sun, and then went back to pick up Emily. I thought she'd like Oldtown (which she did) so we went back.  We enjoyed looking at many handmade items, beautiful wall murals, various cacti (I really liked those), and even bought some churros.  We heard a live band, and enjoyed some more sun!
Eventually we hit the road and headed back to Pheonix.
Wednesday we went hiking for a few hours in the morning, climbed up a very small mountain, and saw more cacti.  After we finished there we stopped by Paige's apartment for lunch then headed to another part of the city to tour the Grand Canyon University, which Carolyn was interested in possible attending.  I enjoyed that quite a bit as I had never toured a college before (I've seen colleges, but not on a specific 'tour'.)  After we finished there we headed downtown.  Pheonix has a beautiful downtown. If you are ever visiting Pheonix, go downtown.  We only had about half an hour so really we didn't walk around much.  After we left we headed back to pick Paige up from work, spent a few more hours with her, and headed to the airport to catch our 1:28 am flight back to O'hare.
It really was a good trip.  I loved visiting Paige and Melinda, seeing some many new sights, and experiencing different cultures.

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