Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Justin and Beka

Well May 28th was their big day...I spent most of the day taking photos at a wedding, Beka's wedding. I've known Beka since well, since before I can remember, back when we were both little girls. :)  I was excited to be taking pictures for her big day.  And I enjoyed every minute of the day!

Justin and Beka decided to do a 'First Look'.  That was a beautiful and happy moment!  I think it was such a grand idea!

Here's some of the shots from their big day...


  1. Lovely photos, Samantha...........what fun for you to do this...................

  2. Garsh I'm jealoussssss but oh so happy for you. What lovely photos!

  3. the cake the flowers, the bride all lovely!!! Praise God for such a union!