Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Orange Dark Chocolate Scones

So my best friend is staying over at my house for a few days. We decided to make and photograph Orange Dark Chocolate Scones.
We had quite a bit of fun re-style the scones in many different ways, spending several hours taking photos of scones!  I wanted a rustic, homey, deep feeling for these pictures.

A little about these photos...
The background is a large piece of velvet that is hemmed, probably a small tablecloth, that I picked up at goodwill awhile back.
The scones are setting on a pizza stone.
It was afternoon in a sunny window, with the blinds drawn to diffuse the light.

Oranges and chocolate shavings are the primary 'extras' but we also used a very small pitcher, with orange glaze inside of it.

I used my Canon 60d body with the left (closeup picture) I used the 100mm 2.8 macro lens, the right (aerial picture) I used the 50mm 1.8.

I had my f stop around 5.6 and the ISO was pretty high, around 800 to 1000.

{And the scones with the glaze on top were delicious!}

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