Saturday, March 23, 2013

A food photo critique.

    I stumbled upon an interesting photography site the other day.  I was on Pinterest, and saw a pin that said something like, '30 best photography blogs'.  So I went through and was looking at many of them.  I saw several quite interesting sites, and many beautiful photos.  Well, I love food photography, so when I saw that you could submit a photo to be critiqued I was very excited!
    So I went through my project 365 from last year, and chose a few favorite food photos from last year.  Now, I was trying to think objectively, and think how other people would view my photos.  Its hard though, because each photo is connected with so many memories for me.  Project 365 was a hard challenge to tackle, but now that its done, it brings back so many good memories of the different days, weeks, and months of 2012.
   Anyway, I think I will submit this photo.  These are chocolate peanut butter pretzel bars.  They were very delish!

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